Episode 06 – Museums as Media Organizations

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News and media organizations have been undergoing similar challenges to those facing museums in the digital age, with increased competition for attention, challenges to old models of authority, and the need to develop new kinds of business models and modes of practice in response to changing technological, social, and economic conditions. So what can museums learn from news and media organizations in order to change and adapt their practices to work effectively in an increasingly online and social media context?

In this episode, the Punks dig into these questions with a little help from Paul Schmelzer, Web Editor at the Walker Art Center, and Sree Sreenivasan, new Chief Digital Officer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Both Schmelzer and Sreenivasan come to the museum sector with backgrounds in the media and significant experience in journalism, and their insights reflect the importance of these skills in the contemporary museum. Does the responsiveness of social media change the pace at which museums must work, and what opportunities does it open up for new kinds of practice?


Show Notes:
Cooper-Hewitt acquires Planetary
Paul Schmelzer: Twitter | Personal Site
Internet Cat Video Film Festival | Walker Art Center
A Defiant Typeface
Sree Sreenivasan: Twitter | Personal Site
Museum Jobs That Didn’t Exist in 2003 | Center for the Future of Museums
MCN 2013 in Montreal

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